We are here to make your business grow. We offer a number of bespoke solutions to facilitate change and growth for your business.

We will put you in touch with the people that will help you most; we have close links with the Welsh Government Sectoral Teams and Finance Wales as well as other key external providers.

Whether you are looking to grow from scratch, or build on what you already have, we offer both innovation and incubation space.

Business Support                    

Our dedicated team of account managers will handle your enquiry from start to finish. They have a deep understanding of many business sectors - ensuring you get the right advice for your business.

They’ll even be able to match you with appropriate business partners that could add value to your business. Our account managers are also responsible for creating networking opportunities for the businesses coming to Denbighshire.

Annual Business Month

Our Business Development team organise an Annual "March for Business" month for Denbighshire businesses. You can meet the people from the council who are helping to deliver your vision.

Everyone that makes your business better will be there; including our property team, planning officers and parking services team.

As well as networking events and pop-up advice, this annual business month includes boot-camps to help businesses learn more about the key issues they face and share their expertise with other businesses.

Boot-camp training and advice sessions cover issues that are relevant to businesses in all sectors such as Employment, Finance and Funding, Exporting or Marketing.

A Streamlined Process for Dealing with Enquires

Tips, tools and support. We employ an Inward Investment Toolkit, to smooth the path of an investment enquiry, as well as providing additional information to potential investors.

The toolkit cuts down the time needed to answer your individual business enquires.

Whether you’re looking for a new property, want to new build or expand an existing property - The Investment Toolkit is here to help.

We’ve got better business rates

From advising on start-up grants to reduced business rates to joint venture/match funding, we make having a business affordable and profitable.

Denbighshire’s bank of land is almost without constraint, meaning we offer the most competitive rates in North Wales. Denbighshire is also the nearest region to the Northern Powerhouse for businesses. That means we benefit from additional European grant funding and tax relief.

This includes Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA) and the Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) Grants. These grants start from £100k, and can run into the millions. There is no maximum stipulated by the RSA scheme. Denbighshire connects you with opportunities.

Better Business for all - no more red tape

Denbighshire County Council’s Better Business for All (BBfA) project brings together businesses and the Council’s planning and public protection department to improve how regulation is delivered to save businesses time and money.

The Council now offers better coordination between services so a more holistic service can be provided to businesses during visits.

Covering environmental health, trading standards, licensing and planning, BBfA provides businesses with a simple, single point of access to free advice on business regulations. Find out more here.

Recruiting and paying staff

When you move your business, a big concern can be finding the right staff for your business.

We found that 79% of our businesses feel that they have no issues recruiting staff with the right skills.

Not only that, but firms retain staff and pay close to national rates for senior specialist skilled staff.